Inner beauty

      Few years ago someone told me that “I am too fat to be loved”. Yes! You can only imagine (or maybe you unfortunately have experienced the same thing) how much words like that hurt when told by someone who we care about. That ruined me and my self-confidence for a long time. … More Inner beauty

Homesick antidote?

      Leaving your friends, family home, pets, boy/girlfriend, work, school might be challenging sometimes. On the one side it is so thrillingly excited but on the other side so terrifying at the same time. Coming to the Host Family that you know only from the Skype conversations may occur hard and uncomfortable. On … More Homesick antidote?

„What do you like the most about America?” MEXICAN FOOD!

        “What do you like the most about America so far?” asked my Host Dad some time ago. “Mexican food!” I replied without hesitation. Obviously, you can imagine laughter after that response. I can also imagine what are you thinking right now. I came to America to experience everyday life in this … More „What do you like the most about America?” MEXICAN FOOD!

Follow your dreams

        To takie dziwne kiedy człowiek dojrzewa i zmienia się wewnętrznie oraz zewnętrznie w ciągu dwóch miesięcy.           Za tydzień Thanksgiving,święto na które bardzo czekam. Ja tak sobie dzisiaj myślałam, że ja osobiście jestem wdzięczna za to, że mam taką wspaniałą rodzinę i przyjaciół w Polsce. Bez nich nie … More Follow your dreams

Two months in USA

        It has been two months since I am in United Stated right now. I wanted to write a post about living in this country a little earlier but I did not really have time to do so. For most people United States of America is only connected with famous “American dream”. … More Two months in USA