Sunday is for Jesus


       Sunday. For me it is the most wonderful day of the whole week. Mostly, because I associate Sunday with God. It is hard for me not to attend the sermon on Sunday. Otherwise how can I get the help and support for the upcoming week? I am smart enough right now to know that I cannot do anything without God’s help. It will just not work appropriately. Also, I know that with God I can do everything. But not everything I precisely want but what He wants me to do. It is hard to accept sometimes that our will is different that His, yet that how it works. We may not agree with that most of the times but eventually we will understand His intentions one day. I am pretty sure about it.

       I am catholic and I am so proud of it. I am proud that I am wearing rosary on my finger but more importantly I am proud that I have Jesus in my heart. My journey with Jesus was complicated, it was not the easiest way I could ever imagine. There were good and really bad days, there were moments when I doubted a lot, but also a days when I was worshipping Jesus with all of my heart and voice. Although it had never been the easiest relationship in my life, all the time I knew unconsciously that I am so hopeless without Him in my life.

       Today I went for a sermon. Totally alone to the church that I have never heard about, in a country that is still foreign for me. People were so welcoming and kind for me. A lot of young people, my age or approximately the same. I was supposed to go with different au pair that I knew but they changed their plans and I went alone. So when they wrote to me, my first thoughts were not to go there. And then I felt like I have to do that. How can I leave Jesus? He gave me a wonderful life, He gave me this adventure of my life, He gave me the greatest Host Family I could ever have, He gave me this weather and those people that I am meeting every single day. How can I just stay at home and go to sleep? I should go here and thank Him for everything He is doing for me.

       So I went there. It was so different that what I used to know from Poland. People were singing, dancing, they were really worshipping Jesus. At the beginning I felt a little bit strange because it is not what I used to know. But when the pastor started his speech I was so moved. I felt like Jesus is talking to me. Like He is sitting next to me and He is so close to my heart. I was crying because I was so moved with these words. I felt so grateful that I am in this place in my life. The journey to this pace was hard sometimes, I have been through a lot of pain but I am eventually here, where I should be. But I would never be able to do that without God by my side.

        I am so happy and blessed that I can share my words with you all. I am so grateful to God for everything He has done in my life and for everything that He had already planned for me. I just cannot wait to see His plan. I am not angry anymore because I do not know every answer and because I do not understand some things, I just know that He will let me know at the appropriate time. I have never been so happy and so peaceful with myself, with the world with other people and with Him.

       I wish you all beautiful and blessed Sunday. I am sending you all a lot of love and I will pray for you all today. Just wanted you to know that if God is with you, no one can stop you, no one can let you down, no one can hurt you. His is much more powerful than mean people in our lives, He is much greater than every single pain that you have to go though at this period in your life, He will never leave you even if you feel like you do not want Him to be by your side. He will always be there, waiting for you.



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