Living in the USA – First impressions

         Finally I do have some time to write something new. I mean, I did have some time during these two first weeks in USA but I was doing my own things and I wanted to wait until I will write new post. So now I decided that I will write a little about my first impressions connected with living in America.

              What is extremely important for me is that people are friendly! Really friendly! If you ill just smile to a stranger, they will do the same. Even more, they will ask you how do you feel and just start a simple conversation with you. That is great feeling when you know that someone is always ready to help you. That is the first thing that I love here in this country.

               More importantly, my Host Family is the greatest one I could ever have. And I am not writing these words only because I know they are probably going to see this post. I really mean that they are wonderful! When it comes to my Host Kids, I actually loved them when I saw their pictures but right now I love them even more. I enjoy a lot the time I am spending with them. It is also such a great experience when my Host Parents are so kind to me and even though I am still a kind of stranger for them, they treat me as a part of the family. Their attitude really helps to feel here as in my own house.

                I remember that a lot of people were saying that I will probably feel strange first days in USA. That everything will be so different and I will miss a lot. To be honest, I do not miss right now. Of course, I love my family back in my home county and my friends (the best in the whole world) but I have so many things to explore here that I do not have time to miss. I remember that I was scared when I was in Poland that it will be so hard for me to find my place here in USA, but it is much easier than a thought.

              I really feel here as in my home. I am trying to try a lot of new things. Back in Poland I hated gym, here I am actually in love with it. I am trying to eat healthy just as in Poland but also eat something that is totally new for me. Also, the great thing is that my Host Mum cooks the best meals! I mean it. I am trying to stay active, to meet new people, to try all these things that I was afraid to try in Poland. And I feel so good with it. In Poland I was always a little bit afraid of other’s people opinions, here I can really be myself.

                I am in using English every day. It makes me a lot of joy and fun! Today, I went for the football game with girls from Germany and it was awesome. Unfortunately, I get sun burnt but still it was a new, wonderful experience. That is what the life is about, trying new things, exploring the world, realising your dreams. I was always only dreaming about all these things that I am doing right now, and finally I said to myself that now is the time. That is how I am realising my dreams and living the life I always wanted. So if I was able to do that, you can do that too. Trust me! It is always hard at the begging, but it is so worth it!

Tomorrow we are going for the bike challenge, so keep your fingers crossed for us! 🙂

And stop thinking, start doing!





























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