Gdańsk – you are my new love!

      During last days I took a trip to Gdańsk with one of my best friends Małgosia. It was a very quick decision and very quick sightseeing.

      I am still a bit sleepy because we have not sleep last night so I just decided to write a post in English.

      As in the title, I am in love with Gdańsk. The city is stunning, charming and so beautiful. Those cosy little streets reminds of my visit in Prague or in Paris, yet Gdańsk has its own unique atmosphere. A lot of artists playing on different instruments, a lot of attractions, beautiful gifts, ambers, inviting smells of freshly ground coffee – these are the things that I love the most.

      I am sure that I will be visiting Gdańsk as many times as it will be possible for me. The atmosphere just stole my heart forever!



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