Let it go

       Today’s post will be a bit personal, so if you are not interested in reading my personal sorrows, do not continue and just scroll down your Facebook or Instagram account 🙂 

       There are some people in my life who were important to me (at a given period of my and their life), but we do not maintain contact right now. Some of them are pretending that they want to meet with me, yet they do anything to make it happen; some of them are offended (but do not ask me why, I have no idea, to be honest); some of them just do not care and ignore my messages.

       Yesterday I was thinking that before I will move to C’ville, I should write to all of these people because with some of them I was spending the most beautiful time of my life and I treated them as my family. I thought that I will be smarter, I will hide my pride and I will be the one who offers coffee with cake (as usually).

       But then something happened. I was standing with my grandfather and waiting for my granny and mummy to come, and someone told me “hey” and smiled. I replied, but I was not sure who was that. Then I asked my mum and she told me who was that girl. Well, we do not really liked each other couple of years ago, and we probably never be even fellows. We have attended the same school, she is a bit older than me. Still, it was quite a shock for me that she even knew who am I.

       And then I realised that I should not write to all these people mentioned above. Because if someone wants to talk with you, he or she will always find a way. No matter what. With no exceptions. Of course, it hurts because you sometimes think that these people are your friends but they are not if they do not care.

Over last two months I have been in so many situations when people, important for me, let me down, that I have realised what really means important. So my advice is to do your best but always take care of yourself first. If you feel that someone is not doing even the smallest thing towards your friendship or relation, just let it go.


“If someone really wants to see you, they will find a reason, they will find a way, and they will make the effort.”  




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